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    Welcome to Pulse Engineering

    Pulse Engineering has the expertise to develop Power Systems and Embedded System Designs for customized applications. We develop new ideas, design hardware and software, manufacture, assemble and test developed designs to perfection, and sell state-of-the-art technology to our customers.

    With our highly motivated team comprising of professional engineers,experts in the field of power, analog and digital electronics,from IIT Delhi and PEC Chandigarh, we convert your ideas into design. Our Knowledge of analog designs, optical electronics and embedded systems has helped us develop solution that answers the need of today’s client.

    Pulse Engineering is your single source for electronic product development. We are an independent and experienced system design and manufacturing house and have acquired an extensive expertise in the domain of - 

    » Power electronics, high voltage power supplies and laser driver power supplies

    » Precision analog and optical electronics, high power laser diode drivers

    » Embedded system designs, embedded measurement and control systems


     Areas of our Excellence    

    • »  OEM Power Supplies for telecommunication and industrial applications.
    • »  AC line conditioning, Alternate energy solutions, DG set controls.
    • »  High power laser diode drivers and laser driver power supplies.
    • »  Low level signal detection and ultra low ripple detector power supplies.
    • »  High voltage power supplies for capacitor charging.
    • »  Low power sensors, intelligent sensors modules (Temperature , Pressure , Humidity etc.)
    • »  Embedded control systems and data acquisition systems, Communication protocols.
    • »  Real time systems and signal processing.  Wired and wireless networking.
    • »  Graphical embedded UI, Android and Blackberry apps.
    • »  PC software for control and analysis of embedded systems
    • »  High End Energy Meters.
    • »  Cable assemblies (RF, electrical , power and control) and customized test jigs.
    • »  Battery charger for NiMH/NiCd and Li-Ion Batteries.